Top 10 Robert Greene Books

Robert Greene is known for his insightful and often controversial books on power, strategy, and human behavior. Here are ten of his most notable works

"The 48 laws of power"


An old masterpiece of learning power manipulation, influence and in history since the ancient times to this generation.

“The Art of Seduction”


Analysis of Principles and Strategies of Attraction and Manipulation Goes deeper into the psychology of attraction and manipulation.



This book introduces the world of great historical figures and eminent Masters beings to draw key principles behind achieving excellence in any field.

"33 Rules of the War" 


Heavily relies on historical instances and context to showcase principles and the methodology of how to achieve final outcome in different areas of daily life.

"Understanding The 50th Law"


(co-authored with 50 Cent) - This book discovers mindset principles and approaches that are necessary for making an impact in business and personal lives.

"The Laws of The Human Nature"


Aims at discovering the hidden, sometimes conflicting features of human behavior that remain this far unknown, providing us with the tools for comprehending and manipulating others.

"A Book of Five Rings"


This work is not original, but rather is a translation and annotated by Robert Greene of Sun Tzu’s Foundational book.

"The Concise Mastery Award"


A compact version of Greene's book "MASTERY," summarizing the core ideas and principles for mastering any skill or field.

"Condensed version of "The 50th Law "(50 Cent)"


 Quicker alternative to "The 50th Law" featuring its essence, principles, and lessons for convenience.

"The Daily Laws:


"Day by Day, Power, Seduction, Mastery, Strategy, and Human Nature" -a year's worth of views and reflections, distilled from his past publications and designed to help you be better at both your personal and professional life.